Solar Model


No upfront investment for the consumer

Utilization of rooftops/unutilised open space

Long-term PPA (15-20 years) with pre-decided tariff

Guaranteed power generation for the PPA tenor

Solar Net-Metering Scheme, as may be applicable

Option to buy-out the power plant at predetermined price

Standard Terms & Conditions

  1. Proper rooftop space with proper structural strength will be provided by the consumer for the installation. If any civil modifications are to be done to strengthen the roof/ installation area then the additional cost for this work will be paid by consumer.
  2. Work permit approval, civil interiors, excavation or installation of any other electrical equipment’s will be in the consumer’s scope and at his cost.
  3. We will not be responsible for any delay in getting net-metering approval, if availed as applicable. Any charges for net-metering application will be charged at actual.
  4. Consumer will need to execute a Bank Guarantee in favour of the investor for purchase of power on the basis on a 12 month rolling basis electricity bill payment obligation. If the consumer does not pay for a continuous period of 3 months then investor would invoke the guarantee and encash the same irrespective of balance period of the BG.
  5. Consumer shall make available full “right of access”, “possession” and “right of easement” of the Site to the Contractor and all its assigned sub-contractors during the complete tenure of the Contract.
  6. Safety and security of the panels will be the responsibility of the consumer, however, insurance will be taken by investor
  7. Various approvals or security fees from regulatory bodies if required, like CEIG (for safety), net-metering (if applicable), site / state specific approvals etc. will be to consumer account.

Steps To Enter Into Solar Model

  1. Initial discussion and preliminary assessment of power requirement. Consumer to furnish basic data on power consumption, layout of place for installation of solar plant, type of roof etc.
  2. Signing MoU with consumer for availing the facility defining all major terms and conditions.
  3. A visit to site by engineers for physical assessment and feasibility study. This may be 2/3 days visit for each site of the consumer. Consumer will need to give an adjustable advance of Rs. 200,000 towards the site visit.
  4. We will submit a detailed techno economic proposal with per unit price, expected power generation, names of panel suppliers etc.
  5. PPA to be signed
  6. BG to be issued by consumer.
  7. Solar plant installation.
  8. Monthly Billing and Payment

What We offer:

One stop shop for bringing down power cost with zero investment for installation, operation and maintenance of solar project at consumer’s site

Consumer pays only for electricity generated

Substantial saving in electricity cost as compared to existing grid tariff

Facilitate execution of long-term PPA with the Investor